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A 2017 RTVAS ballot award nominated highly unique OTT Channel which is dedicated to and features the funniest, most comedic, and hysterically funny content on the internet. We promote the good life and believe laughter is the finest medicine. B1GBTV believes in giving a voice to the voiceless on combating mental health and inequality issues facing the world today. Personal independent advisory for Mr. Mezey is Nyhl Henson a pioneer of cable television. Nyhl Henson is the founder of various prominent television networks including: MTV, CMT, Pay-Per- View, The Movie Channel, Etc. Nyhl Henson was dubbed as the "Edison of Pay TV" by Hollywood Giant Powerhouse Talent Agency CAA. B1GBTV features all genres of content except adult.

"Barry Mezey, is an entertainment industry wildcard" - Nyhl Henson.-

"Barry, you are solid gold." - Brian Ramos. -

"Much more entertaining than the Kardashian's and all that garbage." - Thomas Mezey (Unrelated to Barry Mezey.)

"That was awesome." - Discount JR Experience. -

"Move over Kardashian's." - Nyhl Henson -

"Barry, Ted Turner once told me I have the biggest imagination in cable television. You make my imagination look like a peanut Barry." - Nyhl Henson -


***Nyhl Henson is not an official spokesperson for B1GBTV* or Mr. Barry Mezey***